Tea, Soup or Dessert? It's All at Once With This Ingredient!

We all love a good solution that helps us in more ways than one. After all, that could save us some time and money, doesn’t it? We here at SpaFoods® have something that is just that: our Longan and Red Date Tea! Read up to see how this ingredient benefits you, and how it can become more than just a beverage to sip!

Longans are tropical fruits that’s well-known in Asia. Their flesh is grape-like in texture, and it’s packed with potassium, a nutrient good for controlling blood pressure.[1] Red dates, otherwise known as Jujubes, is a sweet fibrous fruit that’s native to China. It can be used to naturally sweeten foods, and aids in keeping our digestive tract in good condition, reducing our chances of constipation and stomach ulcers.[2]

How then does it become more than just tea? Longans and red dates are actually used in Asian cuisine, and that includes a healthy dessert called Cheng Tng (清汤)! It’s a bowl of warm, sweetened soup that’s boiled along with barley, ginkgo nuts and pandan leaves. This is great in hot weather if you want a little something to lower your body heat, or a nosh that’s not too heavy yet filling in a good way! You too can make Cheng Tng by adding our Longan and Red Date Tea granules into your soup in replacement of the longans and red dates that the recipe calls for. Another use for our tea would be to enhance the broth of your Tang Yuan, another Asian soupy dessert that has glutinous rice balls. These chewy spheres are sometimes filled with delightful pastes made from ingredients such as black sesame or red bean!

So, the next time you’d like a beverage and a dessert, consider having both at once by making yourself some dessert soup with our Longan and Red Date Tea!

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