Let’s Eat Fruit, and their Leaves?

Have you ever questioned whether fruits are good for you? Probably not, since we all have known them to be tasty and something good for our health. But what about their leaves?

Here’s the scoop: some bits of such greens may also be good for you when consumed! Here are some fruit leaves that you should save (and eat) up the next time you buy them.

Strawberry leaves

The leaves of these richly-red produce contains caffeic acid, which helps with arthritis pain. On top of that, it also has vitamin C, calcium, and iron![1] We may have lost valuable natural supplements just by tossing these leaves into the trash can.

Papaya leaves

Papaya leaves have been found to boost blood platelet levels. This is beneficial for people who have gotten severe dengue fever, as part of its symptoms are lowered platelet levels in the blood.[2]

Although you can’t get the leaves in the supermarket, the greens of this tropical fruit can be gotten as a potted plant.

Mulberry leaves

A study has found that the leaves of mulberries can help lower blood sugar. It provide compounds that may be useful in combating diabetes.[3]

This is possibly one of the harder produces to get in Singapore, but fret not! We here at SpaFoods have got your back. You can buy from us in the form of drinkable teas, such as the mulberry leaf tea. If you prefer the fruit portion, we also have the mulberry roselle tea. The mulberry fruit has a cholesterol-lowering property![4]So, if you want more health benefits from your fruit, you might just be able to, right from its leaves.

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