Iced Blue Pea Mango Tea Recipe (We are Now on TikTok!)

This just in: SpaFoods® is now on TikTok! We will be featuring short clips over there for you to follow along with our recipes, so you can joosh up our products and enjoy them even more! Our first instalment involves our naturally-colour-changing Blue Pea Flower Tea with Manuka Honey! Carry on reading to view our video and get the recipe text instructions!

Iced Blue Pea Mango Tea

Get that tropical taste with our blue pea tea with mangoes! Good for adding extra sources of fibre and antioxidants in your beverage.


@spafoods_sg Enjoy our SpaFoods® Blue Pea Flower Tea with a tropical taste! Our tea has Manuka Honey, so no added sweeteners needed! Watch the colours naturally change from blue to purple with lemon, so you know that we got no artificial colouring in there. 😉🔵💜✨ #spafoods #bluepea #tea #foryoupage


Serves: One person

200 ml water
One sachet of SpaFoods® Blue Pea Flower Tea (with Manuka Honey)
Few handfuls of ice cubes
1/4 cup fresh mango, mashed
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
A lemon slice for garnish

1. In a separate cup, add the blue pea flower tea granules along with the water. Quickly mix them together using a handheld frother. Alternatively, incorporate granules with hot water, stir and let it cool. Set aside.
3. In a tall glass, drop in the fresh mango. You can mash the mango in advance before assembling. Add in the lemon juice.
4. Add in a handful of ice above the mashed mango. Carefully pour in the blue pea flower tea, and watch it turn from blue to purple!
5. Add a slice of lemon for garnish, and serve! Stir the mango and tea up before drinking.