Chocolate in Moderation — Is That Possible?

Chocolate is one of those contentious foods that people enjoy. It can be debated whether it's good or bad for us. And the truth is, it’s both at the same time!

Research has shown both the health benefits and the ugly effects of chocolate. The bar contains flavanols, helping to keep your skin protected from sun damage and increase hydration.[1] The cocoa powder in dark chocolate has also been found to aid in the lowering of heart disease, as the rich amount of antioxidants in the bar reduces the chance of harmful (oxidised LDL) cholesterol being made in our bodies.[2]

On the other hand, chocolate has added sugar and saturated fat, which has the potential to offset the benefits that the antioxidants provide.[3] As such, it is recommended that we take chocolate in moderation. But how do we reasonably consume chocolate without reaching for more? Here are a couple tips from us to help you with that!

If you are feeling peckish, our heart-healthy SuperFoods muesli is a good chocolate companion to have as breakfast, or any time of the day. Just break a few small pieces from our great selection of chocolates and toss it in the muesli with some fruit! Alternatively, you can also upgrade your usual hot black coffee into a mocha by adding some Belgian chocolate nut milk, or adding bits of dark chocolate inside and mixing some nut milk of your choice in. 

Chocolate is truly a delicious treat. And we need not sacrifice our well-being just for it, so long as we keep our intake in check!

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