Almond Milks Can Taste Different. Here’s Why

If you’ve ever wanted a milk substitute for your coffee, one of the best candidates to opt for would be almond milk. But do you know that there is another kind of almond milk in the market that tastes vastly different to your cup-of-joe companion?

You may have seen such “almond” milks being sold in Chinese medicine stores. They are usually labelled as Almond Drink here in Singapore. This drink has an intense fragrance when you sip it, similar to the flavour profile of marzipan or maraschino cherries. The reason for this distinct taste boils down to the type of almond that is made. Whilst latte-friendly almond milks are made with American almonds, an almond drink is made with Chinese sweet almonds. In fact, to call them almonds may be a misnomer, since they are actually apricot seeds! Essence from bitter almonds could be added to the almond drink that further lends those aroma in the beverage.

That being said, can the “almond” drink be used in your coffee? The answer may well depend on how tolerant you are to the intense aroma of the apricot kernels. Of course, if you prefer to have your coffee notes not drastically affected by opposing flavours, the real almond milk will do a better job at that. Thankfully, we here at Spa Foods® are purveyors of such almond milks for your milk alternative needs! Chock full of vitamin E, you stand to drink to better (heart) health from almond milk too. From the non-flavoured kind to ones already made into latte, feel free to order from us and get them delivered right to your doorstep!

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